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05 December 2010


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Julia Simens

Unanswered questions in Bangkok. We are at a beach restaurant and they cater for all of the people come in form the beach. The bathrooms are labeled, male, female and katoey.

Katoey is a male-to-female transgender person or some times they are called sao praphet song (second kind of woman).

I find it really hard to explain to my children since the only term that I can come up with is lady boy. I thought I was opened minded. I thought I could explain anything. I am a counselor by trade so talking come easy to me. Different behavior is a main stay of my business. I am at a loss of how to really explain this to my children without coming across so political incorrect and unkind. It is a new experience to us all. I did not want to sow a seed of prejudice so careful word choice was needed. It was an interesting conversation but just another example how how as parents we might never be ready to explain some things easily to our children.

Prejudice and not meaning to . . .

But four years later my children told me I did a good job. They appreciated my honest feedback and it helped them with friends they had encountered in high school.


Hi Joe,
This is the first time I visit your blog. I liked it a lot and love the idea of expats sharing their experience with others.
I am a freelance journalist based in the UK,and I am currently writing an article on British expat mums and the challenges of raising children in a foreign country as well as the experience of having Third Culture Kids.
I will interview British mums in various countries and I would like to add your views as well.If you are interested and will be happy to be photographed or supply your own picture if requested,please send me an e-mail :( amira_abozeid@yahoo.com).
P.S:It will just be an e-mail interview.
Hope to hear from you soon.


Every day I'm so grateful to be in San Francisco. Same sex relationships are unremarkable to my kids (they have a gay preschool teacher, friends with gay parents, we have gay couple friends) and I hope they will always feel this way.

Sometimes I forget that the rest of the world has a lot of catching up do do, sitting in here this little bubble of tolerance!


facinating read! i am an english mum living in france with my 4 kids, and the cultural differences are very interesting, and fun to write about too. i will go and see if you have written any more now, and carry on reading quickly whislt little ones are asleep! tamsyn


I am a Mum who returned to Ireland after living in the US and the UK for over ten years. My husband is not Irish and my daughter was born in the US. So we are sort of an ex-pat family.

Regarding the prejudice issue. I have always tried to preempt such prejudicial situations with my daughter. For example I told her that sometimes men fall in love with men and likewise women fall in love with women. I first mentioned it to her when she was very young. This simple story sows the seed in her mind before anyone else gives their opinion to her. I hope that she will accept this as the norm! She is eight now and so far so good!!

Love this blog!

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