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09 May 2010


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Well, I am an expat mum of teenagers, which means all three of us, plus dad, made it!

I used different strategies with my girls.

I ignored the older one. Just sat down somewhere and let her have her fit ( I know, I know it is almost unbearable to take other people's looks). When she noticed she wasn't upsetting me, she stopped. I have to confess it does not work anymore. As a teenager, she is succeding in annoying me time and time again.

With the younger one, I had to reinvent the strategies, because she was made of a totally different material, just to make all my learnings irrelevant. When she was at tantrum time, I would just trow myself at her and hug her very, very, very much, until the sob, yelling and shouting stopped. She normally slept straight after.

All I hope is that their kids will be just like them. Not better, not worse, just the same!!



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Great post! My son is just one and has only just started to assert his independence. He lets out a high pitched squeal and thrashes about when he doesn't get his way, and we're getting a small dose of what we're in for as he gets bigger. According to my mum I'm only getting what I gave out as a toddler! Thanks for helping me laugh about it, and for showing me I'm not alone.

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