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16 May 2010


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Amy @ Bitchin' Wives Club

I couldn't agree more. The shopping cart here are stupid. They swerve all over the place and god forbid you should have to push on across an inclined sidewalk (like the one right outside our local Waitrose)... I don't get at all why they don't have fixed back wheels like they do in the States. *exasperated sigh*

Calif Lorna

Now that you mention it, the trolleys here in the States are absolutely fine. I hadn't really paid that much attention before, but you're completely right, they are terrible in the UK.


I had a dodgy trolley at Target the other day (wire around the wheels) and was instantly reminded of Britain! I returned the offending cart for a nice functional one. Didn't realize it was because they had fixed back wheels though, interesting!

Florida Girl in Sydney

Why why why????? Why are Australian shopping carts four wheel drive??? It is so ridiculous.

Sorry but American trolleys are the only way to go, when will the rest of the world catch onto this?


I was chuckling all the way through this. I agree COMPLETELY. When I go back to the states and grab a trolley I totally over-steer it the first aisle because I am so used to manhandling the things.

Expat Mum

Hmmmm. I was advised at Costco (Chicago) the other day to go to the front of my trolley and drag it by the front since (and I quote) "No one knows how to make decent carts".
World War III - the battle of the supermarket trolleys/carts.

Samantha@Living In The Sun

I live in portugal some times with the same problem several months ago i was in a super market here and my trolley had a mind of it's own, tried to turn left it went straight on into some shelves. I think there is on companny that makes these things world wide because they are all the same

Rachel - Planet-Cards

Absolutely loved this post! I don't think it's only UK shopping trolleys, I've noticed this in a few countries! Now, I tend to base my shopping preferences on the quality of the trolleys!!! How ridiculous, but they are quite possibly one of the only things that really gets me riled...


supermarkets like Tesco dont maintain there trollys trust me i used to work for them !

Portia Cason

I loathe pushing the carts here. I swear I twist my knee out every time. When they're full of groceries?? It's over.


Well, they wouldn't do it if it would do us harm. Shopping trolleys are an essential thing in supermarkets.


I just returned to the UK for a vacation. I'm not only irritated that some idiots can't figure out that a trolley, just like a car, only needs two steering wheels but I am concerned that, just like Portia and her knee, many people are probably doing themselves physical harm.
I imagine that the chiropractors in the UK must have an unending supply of patients who have back and knee problems caused by these atrocious trolleys.
And it's not even over as you leave the UK - the darned airport trolleys at Heathrow are similarly afflicted.
Thank goodness for sane trolley designers, such as those we have in the USA.

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