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07 March 2010


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Brit In Bosnia

Oh the old jebe jebe. Glad it isn't just me running into problems with that one! x


Ahh, this post made me laugh at loud! I do watch what I say around my young daugter but herein lies proof that even when being extra careful, kids learning to talk = a tricky business.

Duncan Leung

Wow that was a hilarious story!

I was raised as a TCK in Singapore, from Hong Kong (but went to international schools) and I can attest to the confusion that I had when I was trying to communicate; I'd be mixing up my English and Cantonese all the time.

Came across this blog as I was searching for some Expat blogs as I recently arrived in Beijing to work. I guess I don't really fit the target audience; heh, but this post was pretty darned funny.

I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog!


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