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19 March 2010


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I am a big 'pardon?' fan!!


Funny that as I grew up in London with my English family and we were taught that "pardon" was frightfully poor manners in poor taste--common, essentially (ugh). In fact if you wanted to say it properly (As the Queen would) "what" was perfectly acceptable and good in fact. The BBC and wannabes said "pardon!" I still dont say that to this day. LOL


It is useful and informative. Your insight in this matter is great.pardon?


As a child (in Britain), I would say "what?" to my friends, but "pardon?" to parents/teachers.

In some parts of England, "what?" is more common/acceptable.


We can relate to this feeling completely, and it is partially one of the reasons we created Ananasa.com- "A Home For handmade". An e-commerce site that deals in handmade items from the US, London and the ME. Being far away sometimes is not easy and while owning a piece of handmade may not be the solution it does warm your soul in a different way. Owning a piece of home in your new home with a handmade item made with love can sometimes give you a sense of comfort. Some of the simple pleasures in life that can make us smile...

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