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19 February 2010


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Calif Lorna

I just googled ševiti and a photo of Jordan and Tiger Woods came up!

I'd love to see the faces of the people when you use these inappropriate words, wonderful!


I sometimes leave a social event and just pray everyone is a forgiving, kind person because I know I've probably managed to say something wrong, in some way or another--and thats just English!


ha,ha Just yesterday, I wanted to say to my husband's grandparents that our daughter was writing(scribbling) pise (pishe)but instead I said pisa (taking a piss!). My husband informed me of this grammatical error. The rules of conjugating verbs. arrgh.. and then yesterday we were at a fair and I wanted to say lots of people, but instead I said lots of crazies! puno ludi vs. puno ljudi)!!!!!!

Brit In Bosnia

Elisa - yes I've made the ludi/ljudi mistake too - always intrigues me why the two words are so similiar, are they trying to tell us that people are mad? Glad it isn't just me mangling the language - it is a tough one to learn!

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