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12 January 2010


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Calif Lorna

I had both my sons in the UK but my American husband bought me a copy of 'What to expect when you're expecting' back from the US. I was fascinated to read about how you need to think financially about what pain relief you'll have. Thank goodness that's not a worry with the NHS.

Loved my TENS machine! I think they're a great distraction to the pain.

Good luck!


Good luck with the birth, and I hope you get your homebirth - I've had two now and I recommend it (though the first was by accident and a bit hair-raising in retrospect).

Have you investigated having a birthing pool? I borrowed one from a friend this last time round; you can also hire them. I didn't get in it until afterwards but it really was bliss. If your midwives don't want to deliver the baby in water you can still labour in it. I'm new to your blog so forgive me if you've already blogged about this.

Brit In Bosnia

Good luck! Hope it all goes well.

maria wilson

Very best of luck. I gave birth to both of mine without epidurals, the first with the help of a bit and gas an air (fortunate to be in a US hospital with a British chief of anaesthesiology!), and the second with nothing but accupressure and internal resources. Pushed on a birthing stool both times, highly recommended! I'd do it all again in a heartbeat, giving birth is amazing.


Good luck! I wonder if - in retrospect - you'll be glad you're in the UK, not the US, for the birth!

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