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04 December 2009


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I think it will probably make your child a very well adjusted child that will apreciate the time he/she does spend with other family memmbers.
I live very close to my parents but hardly ever see them, where as my husbands parents live on the other side of the country and they make every effort they can to see their grandchildren.


I hope so. It would be ok if they were only a few hours flight away but we're talking continents here. As the flights are so expensive we are lucky if we see them once a year. A year makes such a huge difference in a childs growth. I just feel guilty my mom is missing out on so much.

Expat Mum

I regret that my kids don't have cousins around them because they really love them, but hey, what can you do. I just comfort myself with the fact that they're close to my family even though they only see them once a year. It's all they've ever known so they don't miss it as much as I miss it on their behalf.


I sometimes feel real pain at the fact that my daughter hardly knows my parents, when I had a close and meaningful relationship with my grandparents. But then again, she is close to me and her father and her siblings so she understands how to have a close family. And just because I had a close relationship with my grandparents doesnt mean its the only way. My daughter is lucky--she has a fabulous place to visit my parents in Minnesota! A bi-cultural kid has a greater understanding and acceptance immediately of differences between people and countries. This keeps their mind open, whether they grow up craving travel or stability they will be better for their experiences.

Don't become to anxious about it, dont feel guilty for certain! A child will grow up well-balanced so long as they have love and support, wherever they are.


I feel your pain! Something that is constantly on my mind as I have an almost 3 year old daughter who was born in Austria, and another daughter due to arrive in America early next year - yet both my husband and I are Australian!! The cost, time and logistics of flying home or flying our family to us is a huge factor. I can only hope and pray that my girls will benefit from the amazing life experiences they will have living overseas, and to try my best to keep the family connections as tight as possible via the wonders of the internet. No easy solutions for ex-pats!

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