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03 November 2009


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You've got us beat - we only have 6 passports for four of us - my American one, my husband's British one and one of each for the kids. I try and keep them in sync though! When my daughter's first passport expired when she was 5 I renewed my son's ones at the same time even though he had a couple of years left on his - much easier to keep track that way! We too go for the shorter queues and if we get a funny look for whichever of us is in the 'wrong line' (ie me if we are returning to Britain or my husband if we are visiting the states) we just go with the line 'Oh sorry, last time they told us to stay together'. Works every time. :0)

Lorna Harris

That's a really good idea to keep the passports in sync. We have an excel spreadsheet for all of ours!


Oh wow, Im way behind you (and the comments) on this! Sounds like one more hassle during travel, and yet it also sounds like youve got a system that works!


Totally agreed. I love being able to use Nationals line (or even just whichever line is shorter) on either side of the Atlantic.
And yes, keeping track of expiration dates on multiple passports (we have 2 each) is a pain in the neck.
But I love the idea of tracking all this on a spreadsheet - great idea!

Passport Renewal

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How do you deal with the Advanced Passenger Information system? My daughter is a dual national too (US/UK) - we live in the UK. You now have to submit your passport details when booking your ticket (or 72hrs before the flight whichever is nearest). If you present the passport at check-in that wasn't registered at booking, you may be denied boarding. For example, booked using UK passport and presented the UK passport at check-in. No problems here. Enter the US on the US passport. No problems here either. But, on the return leg, you should present your US passport because you're required to use this to enter and leave the US by law. This gives us a problem as the booking was made under a UK passport and boarding might be denied as it does not match the original booking of the return flight made in the UK. I would guess, you would present the UK passport at the US check-in. But, this would mean there is no green I-94 to hand to the check-in desk. What are your experiences?

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Thank you and good luck in the future! I've loved reading the articles!
This is awful news. Hope you're surviving!!

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