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26 November 2009


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Happy Thanksgiving - and thankyou for letting on about Pumpkin Puree in Waitrose - living in Italy with my Canadian husband who is desperate for a pumpkin pie I promised but which never materialised - we are flying back to the UK tomorrow for a long weekend so we will be calling into Waitrose so I can finally make him his pie!!!

Lorna Harris

I was so happy to find Libby's pumpkin puree at Waitrose, finding the golden ticket is just the right description.

Now we're back in the US and I'm happy when I find golden syrup and custard powder.

It's really hard to celebrate a holiday when the rest of the country is completely ignoring it. That's what makes it a holiday, the atmosphere in the community.

Elizabeth Rhiannon

I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving feast, American-style :) I loved reading that post, mainly because, of all the years I have been working towards moving there, our time draws nearer and NOW I am having a few fears, mainly how much I will miss all of this (holidays, family, friends, etc.). Nice to hear your take on it all...hope your long-distance holiday was a good one ;)


Wonderful to find you all. I too try to keep the tradition of thanksgiving in the UK. Ours was lovely this year if not on the day. We had the big meal the weekend before and then turkey pot pie leftovers on the day as we all had school and work. Yum!!


Lucky you having Waitrose! Not able to find Libby's Pumpkin puree in Ireland yet. I still make my pie but I had to scoop out the flesh from a pumpkin which are on sale here for Halloween. I just cooked it down gently on the stove/cooker top until it reduced and became more concentrated.

It actually worked a treat! We had our pie.

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