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07 October 2009


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Brit In Bosnia

Just when you think there can be no more left to trip you up... there is always something. Luckily it involved cake, which is always a good thing in any culture.

A Modern Mother

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and totally understand.


I love coffee cake--American coffee cake that is and not coffee flavoured cake!! This was funny, I too find it strange that after years of being somewhere we can still get caught out, but it happens, thats for certain.

Lorna Harris

The terrible thing is I've been avoiding it all this time. I'll have to make up for lost opportunities to eat cake!

Florida Girl In Sydney

That's so funny. My Aussie friends have a hard time ordering a Mocha in the U.S., they pronounce it macca and no one has any clue what they're talking about. I love coffee cake.


Oh dear. Well I didn't know coffee cake wasn't coffee flavoured!!


Some of my best memories with my Grandmother were over coffee cake. Thx .

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