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22 October 2009


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gail mowat

Hi there. I lived in Brazil when I had my first daughter and went back to my job at the Gazeta Mercantil newspaper in Sao Paulo after three months. Even though my boss was a complete arse, totally awful misognistic nightmare of a man, I was allowed to go to the doctor's room and express with my pump every 3.5 hours. Carlos (the boss) hated having to allow me to do this. I was working as a translator for their real time news service and we had to keep up a pretty stiff work rate of about 30 articles per day. So he insisted that I remained totally in line with my colleagues despite being out of the office for 40 mins per shift. I still loath him to this day!

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Hey thank you for sharing this, i really like the way Brazilians go about breastfeeding, it always impresses me to read about their lifestyle!


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