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08 September 2009


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I SO hear you but all I can say is that we returned to Canada partially to be near family whilst we raised our children and know what happened? My parents moved 300km away the week our daughter was born.

Although it felt like a massive slap in the face it was also an incredibly important lesson: do what's right for YOU. People and situations change and you can't control what other people think or do - you can only change yourself. With that in mind we're trying to decide what to do next but I completely understand what you're saying!


Wow. To both you and commenter Emily. I understand this and as an only child I really feel it. Would I do it again? Yes. Not because I am selfish or naive but because its what I needed to grow and I would like to think my family can see how much I have developed as a person. And yet... I have missed weddings, funerals, family reunions, friends' bad days, friends' triumphant days, walks in the woods with my parents, watching my parents play with my daughter as she grows up... shall I go on? There is no easy compromise. Brave words, I enjoyed your post.

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