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10 August 2009


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Brit In Bosnia

3 more blogs? Are you crazy?! Go swimming, go swimming!

Hot Cross Mum

3 more blogs? - I fear you may have a disorder. I am terrified by the relentless onslaught of Twitter and Facebook updates. Another blog. Brrrrr - sends me all goose-pimply just thinking about it.


Don't worry! Blogging is supposed to be a therapeutic outlet, not a cause for pressure and worry!

Farhan Rehman

Don't stress about it.. If you're having nightmares about it, then perhaps it's time to take a step back, and ask yourself why are you really blogging? Like @gaelikaa says above, it's meant to be therapeutic, or at the very least, a pleasureable outlet..

Don't worry about the blogging, as much as having fun with the family and occasionally sharing those wonderful adventures with the world ;) Trust me you'll feel so much better for it..


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