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13 August 2009


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Oh the test is really hard that's for sure. And if you live in Scotland and don't know England so well, it's even borderline bizarre. Lots of stuff that you'd never come across in Scottish life! It's really difficult for refugees who don't have fluent English. Once they have refugee and residency status, they can only travel outside the UK after getting citizenship, and if you come from a country that has a different script or where you don't get the chance to go to school as a woman, it's almost impossible to pass this test.

A Modern Mother

I failed! Got 30% Must brush up those government acronyms...


There seems to be an awful lot of stuff in there that isn't really necessary knowledge for living in the UK. Why should anyone need to know the percentage of people in the UK in 2001 who said they were muslims or that the official record of parliarment is Hansards. I'm english, live in england, always have done, consider myself to be reasonably intelligent (I'm not a genius but I'm not stupid either and I pay attention to what's going on around me) and I failed.

beta mum

I got 13 out of 24, which is 54%, which means I failed - and I've lived in the UK for 25 years.
What a bizarre bunch of questions.
Why ask how many days schools have to be open, rather than how many weeks?
And why does 54% mean failure?


That test is controversial. I hear over here of Indians living in the UK forever who can't get past it. It doesn't seem fair but there might be a reason for it...

Careers Nigeria

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