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11 July 2009


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Gift of Green

Great post - I could really visualize your trip although I have never been there. And I love Sharon Creech. Walk Two Moons made me cry and cry.

A Modern Mother

Sounds like a nice visit to the past/future.
PS -- I think green tea is healthy caffeine too!


GoG--I couldn't stop sobbing during the last part of Walk Two Moons--how powerful!

AMM--thanks, and glad Im not the only green tea nut! Husband isnt convinced of the value in it...

Mike Harling

Sounds like a lovely trip down memory lane. And the area sound nice, as well. We're heading up there for a holiday soon; I'm looking forward to it even more now. Thanks.

Brit In Bosnia

It's a lovely area of the world. You must have really enjoyed revisiting it with your daughter. I love the thought of talking about journeys in literature with my kids, can't wait for them to get old enough for it!

Lovely post.


Mike--I highly recommend a holiday there! Looking forward to hearing what you make if it!

BiB--I think the 9.5-12 age group is The Best (speaking from experience of all child ages). It is pre-hormones and you can have meaningful conversations, you can reason, and you can catch a glimpse of the person they will be as an adult before the weirdness of the teen years takes over and blurs all boundaries!

Gift of Green

BTW, have you ever read "How the Heather Looks: A Joyous Journey to the British Sources of Children's Books"? They just reprinted it. I think you'd love it.


GoG--thanks for that recommendation, have just checked it out on amazon and it does look really interesting!!

Expat Mum

WHat a fab post. That motorway sign always lifts my spirits when I'm doing the long drive up. It's still another 50 miles but it feels like I'm almost home.
And the beaches - ah! It's always freezing cold but the kids love the huge dunes at Warkworth and the long sands at Tynemouth. I just hope it warms up before August.

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