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04 July 2009


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Expat Mum

Aahh! There is something very uniquely American about thie weekend, and I don't just mean because it's the Fourth. Large groups of families get together and BBQ, the weather is usually great and everyone is happy. I'm not surprised you have such fab memories.
I think my own kids are a little short-changed in that I never make much of the Fourth (although I do join in with things) and my husband has a miniscule family, so they never really get this. However, when we're over in England in the summer, with my larg-ish family, they have great memories of long summer evenings on grandma's lawn.

Karin Joyce

Thanks for sharing! I really miss being in the US. I found out that my family WON the pontoon parade this year! I'm happy for them but it makes me sad as well because we're missing it. Sigh...one day!
Café Bébé


How very nostalgic! I miss it, but I do my best to not focus on it or it would be much much worse. This was a really lovely post though!

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