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14 July 2009


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Yummy Mammy

I think you know well enough at this stage that I know exactly how you feel xx


Argh! I understand! A bit, anyway. When I first had my daughter we were the only one in our group of young couples to have a child. We lived in an area where there were a lot of Asians--again, family activities, and family involvement in the care. My husband worked long hours, I was very isolated. I can only imagine what it's like with two boys who just want to run around and be boys. You are incredible that you're not SCREAMING and SHOUTING here! Are there playgrounds? Places to ride bikes? Can you teach them ball games (co-ordination developed enough yet?), do you have a back yard for digging in? A public swimming pool? All things I am sure you've thought of... just trying to throw any ideas at all at you! Perhaps you should start that group--you never know, if you start it, they may come...?

Brit In Bosnia

YM - thanks. Expat Mumdom can be so tough, particularly when, like you, we are away from family and support network.

Michelle - There is a fair bit of screaming and shouting. Thanks for ideas though and maybe I should just start it and they will come?!


Wow! poor you! I hope you get new 'mummy friends' soon...

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