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19 July 2009


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A Modern Mother

I loved this post Gaelikka!

Brit In Bosnia

I loved this post. I'm pleased it all worked out for everyone in the end. She found a great match, which is far happier than she would have been. She also can comfort herself thinking Yash was slightly insane and you know that you were not at your best (and with 2 toddlers around, who is? you should see me on any given day!).

Thanks for sharing this post, it is one of my favourites.


Thats very interesting...


She probably didn't notice what you looked like, though I don't think so!!! Lol


I am so glad it all worked out for you all.


AMM - thanks
BinB - my sentiments exactly
MR - thanks to you too
SuE - Same
DM - that was the desired outcome really!

Expat Mum

Coo - what a great post. It's such an alien (excuse the pun) concept for anyone raised in a western culture.

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Tips by Koomasaare

I remember. I was not looking my best that day. I was wearing my most disgusting jeans and sweatshirt ensemble. My hair was scraped back in a rubber band and I was running around like a dervish, chasing Neil and Mel, trying to grab them to have a bath.

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