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19 June 2009


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That is so funny. Actually I am a Brit but I don't know if it is tarco or taco??
Japan imports foreign words to use for it's pleasure, usually American words, so my Brit/Japanese children run around saying, 'pants' and 'sweater' and 'fall'.
It is AUTUMN guys AUTUMN!!
Suddenly they want to celebrate Valentines and Halloween?? Helllp!!

A Modern Mother

Yes, I can relate. We have a blend of accents in our family. Sometimes people say I sound Irish, which is funny because I've never lived in Ireland. To be honest, we go between the US and UK so much I sometimes forget which accent and which word. It all a mish mash.

Expat Mum

"Totally" relate too! My kids automatically Americanize my words (banana, pasta etc) once they get past the age of about 5. They like to say "bloody" whenever they can get away with it tho'.

Brit In Bosnia

The accent confusion will remain though. I spent three years in the state as a kid and still say sneakers instead of trainers...


I remember when I (American) first moved to the UK(19 years ago) and I was working in a bookshop. A really nice older gentleman came in several times a week and we usually had a good chat then one week I was on holiday he asked the manager 'where is that lovely Irish girl who sounds Canadian?'

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