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05 June 2009


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Oh! Very Powerful Stuff.
For all the things you didn't say (in between the lines) in this post: I hear you, I empathize and as a fellow expat mom, I salute your choice to live your life as it had unfolded - even if it's meant losing or loosening some connections.

Noble Savage

Those phone calls are the worst. But you're so right, it's worth it all when you consider the alternative -- that your life as you know it wouldn't exist if you hadn't made those hard decisions and moves.

Great post.


So true. You can never really go back, and once you have family, this is where your home and heart is, however much it can hurt.
And yet, even having set up roots abroad, somehow the connections we have to our original roots are often stronger because of that sense/fear of loss than they are for those who didn't move out to see the world. The distance can be painful at times, but maybe somehow the distance also draws us closer to those we left behind.

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