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13 June 2009


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A Modern Mother

What a great experience for your children. It amazes me how well they can pick up languages.

Mark Zieg

I used to stutter, up through 7th grade or so. It was finally explained to me that it only seemed to happen when I was excited: the more I *wanted* to say something, the more passionate or urgent the message, the more I'd feel an inner block build up and seem to choke my ability to form words.

The advice I was given was to stop, slow down, take a few deep breaths, and basically relax myself into believing I didn't *care* about whatever I was trying to say -- then it would just flow right out.

Even now, 20 years out of high school, I still feel that block rise up maybe once a year or so. I still follow the same reflex (slow down, take a minute to think dispassionately about something boring, like taking the integral of 3x^2), and it works like a charm.

Best of luck to you and your son. Stuttering's nothing to feel bad about -- just means your brain is running faster than your mouth is (which is way better than the converse, and puts you ahead of 98% of the world population :-)

Brit In Bosnia

Thanks for the comment Mark. I'm not too worried about his stutter - I think you are right it is a sign of fleetness of brain! I'll leave it for the moment, he is only 4, and I hope that he'll grow out of it too.


It isn't easy! But from what I have seen over the years you are doing the right thing. They will get there and statistics show that they will probably do better in both languages than their peers.

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