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10 June 2009


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A Modern Mother

Wait until you experience the tradition of bringing home birthday cake instead of eating it at a party. Why, I ask? While other children seem happy to do it, mine usually devour it before we leave the church hall...

Brit In Bosnia

I love this post. I spend a lot of time making similar lists about the country we are in, and it is great to see the same thing done to my culture.

Obviously I think 'Of course the kids go to bed at 7 and obviously they must say please and thank you all the time and spend my whole time thinking that the Bosnian kids can't get enough sleep and have no manners.' But best of all is the thing about us not feeling the cold. So true.

Noble Savage

Ha! Great post, I really identified with all of these as an expat.


I always get the cake thing wrong, we eat it during the party never send it home and I use American frosting, which is much easier to make into something fun and tastes better.

Also, at school, bringing in sweets on birthdays is one I took time to figure out.


Looks my comment has disappeared? Was there anything wrong with it or did it simply not post?


We are always interested in the uniform question. One of our British employees wrote a nice post once about the meaning of the uniform to her.(http://findingschools.wordpress.com/2007/05/06/school-blazers/)

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