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27 May 2009


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A Modern Mother

The weird thing is I lost weight faster after pregnancy in the UK (rather than California) I because I have to walk everywhere here. Pushing three kids up a hill is hard work!

Thanks for the post, glad to have you as a contributor.

Jennifer Howze

Agree - having to walk a little every day rather than committing to a "workout" helps. plus the weather is always so rainy often i'll get all ready (and when daughter was young, it would entail arranging for babysitting, making sure she'd been fed, etc etc), and then it's too wet to go out. after getting all psyched for a walk, i just can't motivate for a stint of calisthenics in the bedroom.


Yes, motivation is a problem isn't it?? I know during my Little Miss' naps I could lay down on the floor and work those ab muscles that so desperately need re-training but I've found that my blogging is taking up that time now! Perhaps priorities need a readjustment? :) Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one out there. I was pretty pleased to see Ulrika Johnson and Louise Redknapp still looking un-Yummy-Mummy after they had theirs this year. There's hope! :) Cheers, ladies!

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