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16 May 2009


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A Modern Mother

I'm happy to report that many of the mums at our local school wear more casual clothing and often just pop something on without brushing their hair.

My "uniform" has not changed though in the past 15 years -- Gap jeans and a T-shirt.

the crazy suburban mom

I don't know if I should be depressed about my lack of style or giggle at the effort they put into dressing to go for a ride. Altho school uniforms would be nice, I've tired of my sons jeans and black t-shirts!

I did giggle at this - mum's who arrive with fresh boob jobs, acrylic nail, designer bags, designer sunglasses and four-inch heels -

Have to ask if you've been to NJ? Cause that is the mom uniform here :)


usually sensible heel?

Nah, not sensible ones. Not usually.

amy @ bitchin' wives club

That is so funny... I was reading this thinking to myself, God, this sounds just like Kat! Is it possible there are two blogging moms at her school?!? lol. Sucka!!

Now, this is very interesting. Explain to me what a "proper shoe" is! Like my Keen walking shoes? Like a low heel?

And I really can't begin to say how bummed I am about the whole jeans vs. trousers thing. Ugh.


I must be American, so glad I don't feel the need to apply make up!

Expat Mum

So funny! I am living in workout gear at the moment even tho' I'm not working out. My chiropractor is insisting I wear "sneakers' to help my back, and I WILL NOT wear them with regular clothes. That would make me look far too American. Not that I dislike Americans - I live with four; but just can't do the sneakers/trainers with proper clothes!


There has been some coverage here in the US about how the mothers at a school on Long Island are suddenly really dressing for drop-off and pick-up now that there is a famous dad sending his children to the school (Brad Pitt).

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