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29 April 2009


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I can just imagine your kids trying to melt into the floor when you use the word rubbers.


As an American living in Scotland with a 6 year old and an 8 year old I can totally sympathise! I think I've got the hang of it now but it's taken me the better part of 3 years. Having already lived here for 7 years before that I thought I had the whole living in the UK thing sussed. I was wrong! When my daughter started in Primary one I thought, ok, is that like first grade? No, wait if we were in the states, she'd only be in Kindergarten. Ok so primary school goes P1-P7 instead of K-6, that makes senses. Kind of. Unless you ask someone English and then it's totally different again. Then she needed a school uniform (no jeans!?!) and school shoes (what are school shoes? are they in some fundamental way different from normal shoes? No. They just have to be black) and gym shoes (gym shoes - is that like sneakers? No-black gym shoes, you know. No, i don't know - are these different from the black school shoes? Yes - like plimsoles - YOU KNOW. NO I DON'T KNOW!). Now I know. I have 5 pairs in various sizes sitting in my sons closet.

But the winner by miles was when I was told she needed to bring a playpiece. I asked my English friend - she didn't know either. I thought maybe they had to bring something to play with at break time - could British schools not afford to provide skipping ropes and balls? No, turns out it was just a snack.

BTW, my kids find it hysterical when they're American grandma comes to visit and talks about her 'pants'! :)

A Modern Mother

Rebecca -- yes it's the not knowing that bugs me!

Expat Mum

Play Piece - that's a new one on me too! Very sweet though.


It is so interesting to read the other side of things as I am a UK expat constantly trying to figure things out in Japan!
In fact the number of times I have said, 'Why can't they all just have plimsols????' LOL.

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