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10 March 2009


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Susanna (A Modern Mother)

As usual, a great collection of posts from the trenches of motherhood!

The Mother

Can't wait to read all of these, but I would like to point out that some of us across the pond prefer Cadbury's, too. It's just not all that easy to find.


Oh my lawd.... Cadbury chocolate....*sigh*

Over the Christmas period I found 1kg blocks of UK Cadbury's on sale here in Canada... EUREEKAAA!!! thinks I. Im saved from the misery of Canadian chocolate (think Hershey *and try not to spit*) Even the Canadian Cadbury is different, and I know that for a fact, because as I was standing in line (about to buy a second block) there was a English guy lamenting with me over Canadian chocolate and telling me that he gets his Mum to send over 1kg blocks *all the time* (SOB) because they are standard issue over there.

Alas, the blocks I bought have all been eaten now and despite it being the Easter season, I have not yet found any precious UK editions of the chocolate so beloved in my heart. And for the record, UK and Australian Cadbury are similar - Canadian, not so much. :(

OK.. a whole mini entry on Cadbury chocolate.... I would offer to sit through an intervention, but Im too busy stroking the empty packet of the 1kg block of Cadbury that I have in my bookcase - for memories you understand.

I really must go, but before I do, is there any way you would consider opening up the ex-pats Mummy blog to an Aussie in Canada? :D

Im going now.......

LaSara Firefox, aka @Yoga_Mama

Super cool collection of posts! Thanks.

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