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01 February 2009


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Carole Hallett Mobbs

Oh this is all SO true! We moved 2 years ago with our then 5 year old and included her in all planning and excitement.

It went very well.

However, we will "soon" (in the 18 months or so) be off again - this time she will be well settled in her school with friends... not anticipating such an easy time of it.

Have bookmarked this for future reference.

Good luck with your next posting!

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)

Yes, I first relocated with a 7 week old; he wasn't resistant at all! Now he is 4 and it is difficult for him to have known 2 different cultures now. I have heard lots about TCK's but I'm not one myself and I worry about his emotional well being.


Very informative post...I wish this was posted few months back :)...I relocated 4 months back. Both my kids (teenagers) had mingled feeling of joy has sadness...Though I had hired intlmove.com for our international moving and relocation needs, I kept my children busy with packing their own stuff and unpack when we reached our destination. But its really difficult to relocate with kids especially if it is 1st relocation to a totally different country!!!

House mover

I'm sure the move takes a toll on the kids but in the end the lessons learned and the cultures experienced will make for stronger adults.

packing supplies

This is a very good and interesting thread on the moving and relocation and living the kids with a new co-habitats and how to get a move with the kids and what are the precautions we should be applied while moving with young kids.


Hey I'm a mum of 2 kids and living in Ireland. I've a 6yr old and a 8mth old and I totally want to move abroad. I know you might think thats mental but I cant make up my mind on where to live. Anyone have any advice..?
Somewhere english speaking. I had thought of OZ but a friend told me that moving there with a school going aged child I'd have to pay 4 private school..? My savings would be going on buying a house so i need so info on single mom's and different countries policys...
Even just a little would be great..!
thanks x

movers london

Different children may react to moving in different ways. Some kids may become depressed and may keep crying for days because they feel they are in an alien climate. The key to making the move a success with kids is to GET THEM INVOLVED! Really very nice and useful tips.

moving company

Awesome tips. Thanks for sharing those tips that will be loved by everyone who is planning to move abroad with their children.

James Trent

As has already been said, I think it depends on the child. Some kids thrive in new environments, some find it hard but eventually will find their feet. Moving to a new country can be a daunting prospect for kids, but also for adults too, I think you just have to consider long term happiness based on all the factors involved.

Grout Cleaner

So useful! Can you please provide some tips on how we can minimize the cost involved in it.

Packers and Movers London

Thank you so much for the great and simple and straight forward tips on moving with children. Thanks for you’re time for writing this post!!

Man and Van

Moving is a very stressful experience for everyone whether it is related to any age group. It is more difficult to move with kids as they can’t understand what is going on. One of the best ways to make the moving stress free pre planning is more important. Convey your children everything before move. It will help them to make their mind for moving and help them to get adjusted in a new location. Other than this you have given the good points towards making moving an easy process.
Man and Van Balham


thanks for the useful tips on packing stuff.
I never thought of numbering the boxes based on importance to keep them safe from damage.I fully agree with your suggestions and will recommend to my network of friends.

movers Nebraska

For those who want or plan to move abroad, for a variety of purposes - personal, academic or business - these tips can be of great help to you. From packing the essential items that you will need down to the shipment company that you opt to use, these are the things to consider.

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