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31 December 2008


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Expat Mum

Thank god my American kids have never really taken to Mac N Cheese. However, they won't eat anything on toast either. Where have I gone wrong?
My local supermarket/grocery store has that little ethnic aisle too and I can now get Hob Nobs at no cost really. Not that there's ever any left when I fancy one.

Susanna (A Modern Mother)

I miss Fig Newtons. And graham crackers, and saltines, and yellow cake mixes and anything from Trader Joes...

But most of all, I miss burritos and good salsa!


I think maybe we need to set up a care package system. When I'm going to the UK I take along some US treats for you and when you're coming over here you can return the favor.
Yellow cake mixes eh? Do you know I don't think I've ever even bought one of those. Maybe I should try one out.

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