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29 October 2008


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Too funny!
From the opposite perspective: no-one in the US ever seems to 'just drop in for a cup of tea' with friends - no matter how friendly they are. Everything has to be planned in advance. It's frustrating.

Nancy Sutherland

Does this also apply to Americans living in Australia? My youngest son is expecting their first baby and I received an invitation to the baby shower??? What do you think?

Expat Mum

Nancy, I'm afraid I would be guessing if I tried to answer you. I know virtually nothing about Australia.


This part of your book really helped me when we moved over. We arrived to our new house the first time with a garden party invitation with the post from the neighbor two doors down. I was glad to know not to summarily drag the children with us.


Ah yes, I remember being invited to a neighbours's family party. Relieved I didn't have to get a babysitter. Arriving at the party with young children in tow the hostess looked surprised that I brought the children. Oh, it was their family party with adult guests...oops.

Jack Hughes

If you must take your children to an "adults only" party, just take along a chain and attach your kids to a convenient radiator. That usually keeps the Brits happy.

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